Originally posted 29/07/13

Today was spent exploring Budapest, we had a tour in the morning, went and visited a ruin bar at lunch, and finished off the day (and the contiki) with a cruise along the Danube.

  • So Budapest is actually made up of two cities, one on each side of the river- Buda and Pest. They joined together about 150 years ago.

  • We finished off the tour at Fisherman's Bastion, a castle on a hill.

  • We went the cheap route and got McDonalds for lunch. They had something on the menu called a nugget burger so I had to try it. It pretty much tastes exactly like a chicken burger, except with bits of the chicken falling out everywhere.

  • Ruin bars are big in budapest. After the war they couldn't afford to fix all the damage from the bombs straight away. Then they set up bars in the ruins.
    Budapest Ruin Bar

  • A popular drink in Budapest: wine and coke. It wasn't too bad, although the wine kind of absorbed all the fizz.
    Budapest Wine Coke

  • River cruise for dinner:

  • Another Hungarian drink is a type of wine called 'Bulls Blood'. The legend goes that during the siege of Eger Castle by the turks, they were served lots of food and red wine, and spread the rumour that the wine had bulls blood mixed into it. That is why the small group of Hungarians had the strength to hold off the Turks. As for the taste, it was pretty good, very strong and sweet.