Originally posted 01/08/13

Finished up contiki and headed to Amsterdam the next day.

  • My grandfather is Dutch, but it never really factored into my childhood. I'm seeing it more now that I'm actually here, my first thought in the airport was 'All the old guys look like my pop'. I think I might also have a bit of the look, because so far in every shop I've been in everyone has defaulted to speaking dutch at me.

  • Chicken nuggets has always been on my top 3 favourite foods, I didn't even taste a burger till I was in my late teens because I just got nuggets every time we had fast food. In addition to the usual set of meals, the McDonalds here also has a special meal that is just 20 nuggets and a drink. It's proof: my love of chicken nuggets is genetic. QED.

  • Amsterdam is pretty famous for being the city of sex and drugs, but I think its defining characteristic has to be the bikes. Bikes are everywhere.
    Amsterdam Bikes

  • On the left - I've seen more than a few of these, used to stop cyclists from getting too fast on the footpath. On the right, note the shortcut used to avoid the stairs. There really is evidence of the bike culture everywhere you look. It actually seems more convenient than cars here - there are quite a few one-way car streets that have two-way bike lanes.

  • Did another walking tour, some photos of Amsterdam:

  • That red building in the middle is the narrowest house in Amsterdam. Yeah no kidding, someone actually lives in that. According to our guide, it was because back in the day you were taxed based on the width of your house.
    Amsterdam Narrow house

  • Public Urinal! At least one city has free toilets. On the other hand, it kinda made the street smell like piss.
    Amsterdam Urinal