Originally posted 23/07/13

We travelled from Berlin to Prague today, stopping by in Dresden for lunch, going to the Black Light Theatre after dinner and then hitting the clubs.

  • We stopped over in Dresden for lunch and then went on our way to Prague, so we didn't get a lot of time to sightsee. It's a beautiful city though (aren't all European cities?)

  • For some reason there are lots of busking 'statue people' in Dresden. We witnessed a bit of a spat between two of them, the chubby white cherub and the golden girl in the photos below. They were positioned pretty close together but all the tourists were giving their money to the girl, which he wasn't too happy about.

  • We saw the Fürstenzug or 'Procession of Princes' in Dresden. It's a huge mural, 102 metres long, and it depicts all the rulers of the Wettin house (Kings of Saxony) from 1127 to 1918.

  • So our guide told us about a common scam in Prague. The girls in the czech republic are all beautiful, something to do with high cheekbones and wide jaws/round faces. Because the wages here are so low, what will often happen is the Czech girls will go hit on a tourist guy in a club then invite him to come with them to another club that 'their cousin works at' or 'their uncle owns'. Once they get there they ask for a drink and the guys always oblige because drinks are cheap here. Then after a few hours they get the bill and it's anywhere between 500 - 2000 euro. At this point all the bouncers come out of the woodworks and make you pay it. If you don't have cash they'll take you to clean out your bank account. If you don't, they break your legs. Dangerous place.

  • Once we arrived in Prague and unpacked, we went to the Black Light Theatre. It's a cool play type thing where the lights go off and the actors wear costumes that glow under a black light.
    Black Light Theatre

  • We went clubbing after that, first to a bar called DEJAVU, then to 'Bar Nebe'. They were both really cool. Myself and a guy called Bjorn started off with absinthe shots and a bucket (think KFC bucket size) of Cuba Libre (White rum, vodka and coke). My memory gets a bit hazy after that...