Originally posted 25/07/13

We managed to fit in a bike tour of Prague for most of the morning, and tripped out to see a nuclear bunker in the afternoon.

  • First thing in the morning we all jumped on bikes and rode around the city.

  • We saw the Lennon wall while on the bike tour. When John Lennon died some Czech students graffitied the wall as a memorial, and it turned into a back and forth fight between the authorities cleaning the wall and students graffitiing it. When the Russians took over the Czech Republic, it kept going as a protest against the communist government.
    Lennon Wall

  • There was this sculpture of two guys taking a leak, by a famous czech artist, David Cerny. The pool is in the shape of the Czech Republic, and the sculptures actually move. When this was built, you could message some number and then the statue would piss the shape of your message into the water.
    Pee Statues

  • Cerny also has a bunch of other weird and wonderful street sculptures. Another one we saw was the crawling babies, whose faces look like USB ports or maybe barcodes. We saw a few up close and a few from a distance climbing the side of the radio tower.
    Giant Baby
    Babies on tower

  • The guide on our tour was telling us an interesting story about their last president - apparently he was something of a thief.

And to top that off, their new president is an alcoholic.
  • Finally, we went through an original Czech nuclear bunker, it was pretty nuts. The door was 4000kg, and there were several meters of concrete surrounding it.