Originally posted 26/07/13

We spent most of today travelling, stopped over at Kutna Hora for lunch and to see the bone church, which is every bit as cool (and creepy) as it sounds.

  • The bone church or 'Ossuary' is in a small town in the Czech Republic. The story goes that it was a popular burial site, and during the Black Plague, so many people died that in some places there could be six graves stacked on top of each other. Eventually they needed to make room for more graves, so they unearthed all the bones and used them in the church. There are bones from somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 people in there...

  • We eventually got to dinner, had some Austrian goulash for dinner, same name as the Czech goulash but the sauce is a little different and with a fried egg on top. Apparently the goulash in Budapest is different again.

  • Checked out a supermarket after dinner. Sounds boring but it was actually pretty fun comparing the weird and different foods. We tried some traditional manner (wafer stick things) and Almdudler which is like an apple soft drink. We also found this little gem:
    Super Dickmanns